Duck Fat Chocolate

IMG_2048We’re absolutely jonsing for something sweet tonight except that, well, we don’t have much laying around.  But then mommy suggested something that she had squirreled away and forgotten about from our trip last year to Karat Chocolate in Kelowna, BC.

Yes, we’re eating 12 month old duck fat chocolate.

After 12 months (actually 13) of hiding away in a kitchen cupboard, this little bar of duck fat chocolate isn’t in great shape as it now resembles a lumpy dog turd that has been frozen and thawed out about a dozen times. I’m sure it looked better in the store but now, 13 months later, well, let’s just say that this duck fat chocolate has seen better days.

Fortunately, it’s been in a wrapper all this time and the “Best Before” date on the back is suspiciously non-present, so I figure that despite it’s unsavory appearance it’s still safe to eat.

It’s chocolate.

So what’s with putting duck fat in chocolate anyway?

Sure I’ve eaten duck before (click HERE) and Terry sure thinks that duck is the total bees knees, but in chocolate?


It’s good but not, like, WOW! good.  Ya know? It also has some sea salt in it which is nice, and raspberries as well, and something called “Valrhona” (whatever the heck that  is), so it’s…okaaaaaaay.

For 12 month old chocolate that is.

But, seriously, I think I’ll just stick with my ordinary run-of-the-mill milk chocolate of the non-foul variety, preferably one that doesn’t also look like a thawed dog turd.

Sometimes it’s the small things.


Fig And Blue Cheese Shortbread Cookies

img_1351Look what I got in my stocking this Christmas:


Okay, I know that these might seem a little weird but, lately I’ve started liking blue cheese (I prefer to call it “stinky cheese”) after trying it a few times on the charcuterie boards that Terry and I order at The Sanctuary when we go to play a few rounds of Exploding Kittens on the weekends.

But blue cheese…in cookies?! 

C’mon now.

Let’s get serious.

These cookies were from a new shop here in Ridgeway called “The Kitchen” where Terry gets a lot of his “Pay Day Friday Sandwiches”.  They have all types of yummy fresh baked breads too, and desserts and, oh, oh, they even brewer’s taffy!  So I’m pretty sure this place is about as close to heaven as we’re going to get in our little town.

The cookies though are made by Provisions Food Co. which is another local Niagara area business.  Maybe Santa, err Mommy and Terry (yes, this is the year that Santa died) wanted to keep all our Christmas treats local which is a good thing.  But while I like blue cheese, these were kinda strong…kind of like “Cheezit’s” actually but, well, stronger.  Anyway, we had them this afternoon as part of our own little charcuterie for lunch with some slices of apple and little piece of leftover cheesecake.

And how can that be a bad thing?

Yellow Fin Tuna Tacos


Photo credit:  Danielle Beroud

This afternoon, Terry said that if I was good and did something active at the gym while he completed his swim workout we could stop by our favorite place, The Sanctuary, for a treat and a few rounds of my favorite game, Exploding Kittens.

Of course, I didn’t really do anything “active”, unless you count crafting and hanging around at the front desk as “active”, but he doesn’t need to know that.  What I didn’t know though is that our treat was going to be yellow fin tuna tacos.

I was a bit nervous at first because while I do like fish, the last time I had fish tacos, well, I didn’t like them so much (click HERE).

Also, I think canned tuna is gross.  But Terry said these would be very different.  I even Googled “yellow fin tuna” in the car and they looked pretty, so they must be tasty too.  Right?  Besides, Matt at Crave Local Fresh saved them especially for us so I couldn’t really say ‘no’, could I?

When they came out, they looked really pretty just as I had hoped but the tuna was – *gasp* – pink in the middle!  Umm, are they supposed to be like that?  Terry assured me though that this was the way they were supposed to be cooked.  I decided to trust him and thank goodness I did because, man, these pretty yellow fin tacos were delicious!

Like, really  good.  Bean sprouts n’ all.

So now I know, when it comes to fish, “pretty” also means “tasty”.

Roasted Pineapple

IMG_0717A week ago I was in Calgary, Alberta with the SunRype TRi-KiDs crew.  On the Friday, we went into downtown Calgary for something to do.  We walked along 8th Ave. looking at cowboy hats, eating kettle corn and then Terry decided that he wanted to buy one of those silly little cycling hats that he likes to wear; goofball that he is.

As we were walking back to the car, Terry also wanted to get something to eat so we stopped off at Olympic Plaza where there was a ‘Fiestaval‘ going on.

There were lots of food vendors selling empanadas, burritos and tacos of all kinds.  Terry though had a hot dog with nacho cheese on it from ‘The Dogfather‘ (I don’t get it, but Terry said it was funny) food truck which gave him the worst smelling farts for about three days.  Our hotel room smelled like Death’s sewer.  Oh, and apparently putting Fruit Loops on your hot dog is a thing in Calgary.  I can only imagine what Terry’s farts would have smelled like had he added those to his hot dog too!

Anyway, this roasted pineapple definitely caught my eye.  I love pineapples and I love cinnamon and, hey, I love just about anything that just comes off a BBQ so I was all like “YES, PLEASE!” right away.

It was amazing.  Sweet, gooey and oh so delicious.

Total yummers.

The best thing is that Terry said we could even make these at home ourselves if we wanted to, which, I’m hoping we will soon.


PulparindoTerry went back to San Antonio last week on business and this is what he brought back for me to try, a Mexican candy called ‘Pulparindo’.

He mentioned that a girl he works with named Nory gave it to him after reading my blog.  He said Nory also likes burritos and has a “thing” for cigars.

Terry knows the strangest people.

The candy looks like something the Mexican people hand out at Halloween.  It’s made from the pulp of the tamarind fruit (a tree indigenous to Africa), and is flavored with sugar, salt, and chili peppers, making it tart, sweet, salty, and spicy all at the same time.  Crazy.

Wait, chili peppers?

Uh oh.

Needless to say that I only took a little nibble.  Hey, this isn’t so bad.  So I took a larger nibble.  Okay, still not so bad.  But after the 3rd nibble my mouth and tongue started to…burn.  Terry sure didn’t like it and spit it out almost right away and I’ve never seen him spit out anything!  But still, you know, I didn’t think it was all that bad.  In small doses it’s pretty tasty although it might take me, like, a month or so to actually eat it.

I’m labeling this candy in the ‘Meh’ category because while it’s not terrible, I’m still not exactly going to drive down to Mexico (or San Antonio for that matter) to get any, that’s for sure.

Duck Sliders

20160303_204057_001Last weekend Terry and I were supposed to go to The Sanctuary after our trip to the St. Catharines Record Fair to celebrate our finds with a “Smoked Duck Breast Burger”.  Unfortunately it was loud and packed so we went to the Flying Squirrel Restaurant across the street for a soup and sandwich instead.  I was really disappointed though that I didn’t get to try duck.


Fortunately, this weeks menu The Sanctuary features “King Cole Smoked Duck Breast Sliders” so Terry promised we could go back this past Thursday night with mommy to try them after my “Leader’s Corps” at the Port Colborne YMCA.


A “Slider”, basically, is a little mini burger which are apparently all the rage in fancy restaurants these days.  And, duck?  Well, I’ve never tried duck before.  I mean, we have lots of ducks that hang out in our backyard during the Spring and Summer months but I never considered eating them before.  I also know Donald and Daisy and even Daffy Duck but, would I eat them?  Doubtful.  But Terry says they’re just like big chickens and I know I like chicken so, yeah, I’m game…I guess.

Let’s do this!

They were really, really  yummy.   What does duck breast taste like?  Well, I still don’t know because there was bacon, aioli and tahini (an Israeli paste made from sesame seeds) in it too in it to and I do loves me some bacon.  So if duck is regularly paired with bacon and these other goodies just as these sliders were then I could easily get behind eating duck more often.

In fact, I might even be setting out a few traps in our backyard come May.

Pineapple Drink

Pineapple DrinkMommy and Terry went to Varadera, Cuba last week.  Normally, their going anywhere without me would totally get my goat, but since I was on my own Disney Cruise at the time I I wasn’t so bothered.

That doesn’t mean though that they were off the hook for bringing me back treats and this ‘Pinata‘  Pineapple drink is the first one.

Hey, isn’t a ‘Pinata‘ that thing that Mexicans hang from a tree and take blindfolded swings at with sticks?

Wait, it totally is!

I wonder then why they decided to name this packet of pineapple flavored drink after a Mexican party game?  Am I supposed to beat it with a stick?  Are candies and presents going to spill out when I open it?


Crazy Cubans.

I can’t really figure anything else about it since all the writing is in Spanish but, apparently is it full of “con vitaminas y minerales”.  I think that means “vitamins and minerals” but Terry says “minerales” are the guys who round up bad guys in the Old West, but I’m not sure I believe him.

What I can tell you for sure is that it smells like pineapple, the crystals taste like pineapple and, yes, the drink also taste like pineapples once it’s been mixed with water.  And who doesn’t like pineapples?

Am I right?